A day at…....The 16th Cornbury Music Festival!

When I was asked if I wanted to go along to Cornbury Festival for the day, I jumped at the chance. I had heard lots of lovely things about Cornbury Festival from friends who camped every year and took the whole family and I had always thought about joining in one year. This year, we didn’t camp, but we did go along for the Sunday. Cornbury Music Festival is held in Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire every year, there is music, comedy and kids entertainment and they always support various local charities over the course of the weekend. They even had the hairy bikers preparing meals if you wanted to book into their dinner tent.

I was slightly apprehensive about heading along to a festival with a 4 year old and 5 month old. What if my son wandered off and got lost, what if the traffic was bad and we spent half our day sitting in the car, would it be like the other festivals I had attended?? Before Cornbury, the last festival I attended was T in the Park in 2007. For those of you who don’t know what T in the Park is, it’s one of the biggest music festivals in Scotland, it’s usually raining and it’s not somewhere I’d consider taking children!

It turns out, all my worrying was for nothing! We got there with no trouble at all, parked up and wandered up the hill to the festival gate. On our way in, a lovely security guard asked if I had any booze in my bag! In his defence, I had my baby on the front and a massive backpack on my back. The joys of toilet training and a baby means we carry A LOT of stuff everywhere we go. Once I had assured him we were only carrying the essentials we wandered on.

As we went through the main entrance, the children’s zone was off to the left of us, they had so much for kids to do from arts and crafts to magic shows, musical instruments and balloon animals. My little boy loved it and we spent a lot of our time around this area keeping him entertained.

After the little monkey had his fill of the children’s area we had a wander around the rest of the arena, looked round the stages and scouted out all the food outlets available to us for the day, although, full disclosure, I had smuggled in sandwiches and sausage rolls wrapped up in an empty baby wipes packet for emergencies ( you weren’t allowed to take food or drink into the site). Gone are the days when I would smuggle vodka and cider into gigs, now I’m smuggling cheese and ham sandwiches and sausage rolls!

We took our picnic blanket with us and once we had a wander around, we decided to sit at the main stage for a little while and listen to some music which having a snack. We found a spot nearer the back of the crowd, there were lots of people on picnic blankets and on camping chairs. There were people of all ages in attendance, but what really struck me was how family orientated the festival was, with many people using little trollies to cart their brood around. That and how tidy and clean the arena was, compared to some of the other festivals, I doubt anyone leaves much to clean.

There were lots of bands to see and Alfie Boe and the Beachboys were playing, we didn’t see Alfie Boe, but did hear his dulcet tones from the arcades. We missed the Beachboys completely, grumpy children meant we had to head home early but we had a lovely time and we’re thinking next time we might even go the whole hog and camp!

In summary – The 16th Cornbury Festival was a big hit for us as a family, we had such a lovely time! Next year, I’ll even purchase our own little festival trolley especially for the occasion!

Selfie at the main stage

Our illegal contraband