All I want for Christmas

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Do you give your other half a wish list? I find it cuts down on his stress and my disappointment!

It is all about the children so we need someone to think of us!

Here are a few things I put on my list this year. There are a couple of things I really wanted that I ended up being gifted by the companies that make them to try them out. So if it says 'gifted' you'll know what I'm talking about!

I'd love to hear what's on your list too.


I Love a nice gin cocktail! My list has these from Oliver Bonas. To be fair you could buy me pretty much anything from this shop and I would be happy!


I adore this bracelet. It's made from silver threepence and sixpences. Wearing the earth and history. Look at the detail on those daisies. It reminds me of childhood summers making diasy chains in the sun.

It's made by the hairy growler, have you heard of them? Not a name you'd forget!

The focus of Hare-y-gr-Owl-er is to bring the twinkle of nature and magic of myth to contemporary timeless jewellery design.

They say

"In order to create pieces which celebrate the natural world it is of absolute necessity to be in harmony with it. So rather than plunder the earth the hairy growler specialises in transforming, recycling unwanted and discarded antique cutlery and silver coins into original, wearable contemporary jewellery."

Find more here and give them a follow on FB if you like what you see.


I LOVE this mermaid set in gold. I was very happy when I was asked to review it. I have been looking for something pretty in gold to wear. ALL my jewellery is white gold or silver then 'he' proposed with, yes you've guessed it. A yellow gold ring!

When it arrived I thought the presentation box was really well thought out and made me feel special with the inscription 'you're mermazing'

The mermaids tail represents the element of water, freedom and inspiration. Perfect for all the mermazing women in our lives!

The full range is here

Best of all this gorgeous jewellery allows us to support other women.

Thoughts is a proud supporter of Room to Read, a global organisation transforming the lives of millions of children in low-income countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Children are the pillars of our future and education is the most important factor.

Each product purchased supports Room to Read to put an underprivileged girl through secondary school with essential life skills necessary to negotiate key life decisions.


I was so pleased when be water asked me to try this bottle out. I had a water bottle on my list but with so many on the market I wasn't sure what to ask for. I didn't know this style existed. It is so pretty with the rock crystal cylinder inside and as well as drinking more water I'm feeling positive when I reach for it as amethyst is associated with awareness, a sense of justice and inner peace.

It has a strong and still energy and on a physical level it is said to protect the brain, nerves and skin. People say that it can ease pain, swelling and bruising and relaxes tension. This makes Clarity water a powerhouse gem water!

Take a look at the website (link below) to see what crystals you'd choose. I love the idea of gifting these with the crystals that could inspire my friends.


I actually bought this sweatshirt in the same colour (but with silver writing, this one is rose gold) two years ago at one of our shows. I lost lots of weight so I sold it on the FB page Scandily Clad Ladies. I miss it SO much, I want one that fits. I love slogan clothes, mama life London does it brilliantly. It makes me feel empowered and this slogan in particular reminds me that I am part of a bigger team and I should always have my fellow ladies backs too. Check out the full range by clicking the link below.


I love to craft. I'd really love to go on one of the chunky needle workshops. I can knit but learning to knit on this scale would be something else! If you click on shop and use the drop down you can see the workshops. They're in different locations which is really handy. I am hoping to get to the one in Bath in February. Click on the link below for the website.


Bags need to be copious! I have so much to cart around. I have wanted a silver bag for AGES but just haven't gotten around to buying one so it's on my list!

There are lot's available in all of my favourite shops. My current favourite is from Clark's shoes, I must be getting old!

I love the shape and it looks nice and soft.

Check it out here


A belt is on my Wishlist. Again one of those things I forget to buy so I have put this gorgeous one on my Wishlist. I'm finding a belt essential for jeans as my figures changed. This one will really set my jeans and trousers off.

It's from Bodega. It's an independent boutique shop in the Suffolks area of Cheltenham. You can buy online too. Check out the website below.


I have joined a local book club! They meet once a month and you get to vote on the next read. I'm looking forward to discovering new reads. I am thinking the time pressure to read will make sure I make some me time (probably hiding in the bath) and read.

For inspiration I would like a voucher to spend in an independent book store. I love the look of this one in Bath.

Any excuse to go for a trip to Bath!


I fancy a large statement mirror. My favourite is this one pictured from Zara home. It will really add some pizzazz to my living room and help brighten things up for the rest of the gloomy winter weather. I really like the home stuff from Zara home and enjoy wasting time filling my basket with ridiculous amounts of things! I am rubbish at buying stuff for myself though. How about you? Material stuff is hardly the most important thing in life but it's good to remember yourself and what you like through the busy hubbub of life.

I'll let you know if my Nick got the memo after Christmas. I had to send my list several times as he 'lost' it.

Have a fabulous Christmas and a very happy new year!