All I want for Christmas is..........

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Christmas shopping has been a little weird this year. I mainly buy local or small UK business. I love to pop to Christmas markets for inspiration and just to feel that BUZZ!!

I'm so impressed with the amount of groups and pages getting involved in giving small business a shout out for this Christmas. Have you joined any online markets and shopped?

We're holding a Christmas event on FB live December 6th. All small business, all run by parents and many of the products are designed by parents too!!

Below are my Christmas lists both for mum, dad. Check out our blog for things for the littlies. It'll be available to read tomorrow.

Mums, we're first in the list as we get forgotten and mostly by ourselves!

Special things for us!

I don't know how you do things in your family but mine ask what I want, from experience I need to tell them or I end up with stuff I really don't want. I write a list and they can choose something from it. I don't expect everything but I know I'll get some lovely things that I will really treasure and won't end up in a tombola!!

For beauty I've add Neals Yard goodies! I've added some of the wild rose products to my list and a pretty hand made wash bag to put them in!

Wild Rose Body Lotion £19.35 Currently in Black Friday SALE

Wild Rose Soap £5.85

My wash bag choice is pictured below. Have you been onto Jane Fosters website? It's dangerous!! I adore all of her designs. She's one of my favourite print artists. You'll see a bit more in my children's Christmas list!!

I chose the Christmas tree print as it'll remind me I received it as a gift for Christmas.

Monochrome trees makeup bag - £10 (reduced from£18)

I love a piece of meaningful jewellery. It doesn't have to cost the earth either in £££ or the environment. I discovered Salt & Wild recently. You may have seen my blog on the drop of my heart necklace? I've put earrings on my wish list. I LOVE these silver stars.

There are many designs to choose from. Bangles, necklaces, rings and earrings. You can even have a bespoke piece made for you.

Star earrings - £20

I discovered Mindzest recently when we reviewed their positivity pack for amazing mums. I don't know about you but I struggle with being kind to and about myself. This is such a beautiful set of cards. Not only are they a pleasure to look at, the words touch a part of me. I want my own set to use and put where I can see them!

52 affirmation cards £14.99

With so much time in lock down I have to start doing more beauty treatments at home. I love to have painted nails. I enjoy it every few weeks and love going to the nail salon. I'm not brilliant at doing this at home. As well as some eco no nasties nail polish I'm after one of these Nail Pad's. It holds your nail polish so you have both hands free. You use the pad to paint your nails either on a table or on your lap. If. you're painting on your lap it has a flap that comes down to hold it steady between your knees. How fab is that!!

Nail Pad £12.95