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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I was thrilled to be asked to choose a baby bean bag from RUcomfy’s website. I am due my second baby boy in August this year and having a toddler around the house I am aware that I may have to put my baby down somewhere more than what I would have done with my fist born and the baby to junior bean bag looks like a great choice for this.

The website is easy to use and ordering the bean bag was simple, as most online ordering is nowadays. I ordered the easy fill liner along with the desired Grey chevron baby to junior bean bag, I love grey and the chevron look- I already have some products that match this design so it’s great they have this.

The easy fill liner is to empty the beans into to enable you to wash the bean bag cover- as anyone knows with having a product that is used from birth of baby to when they are at toddler age and beyond, the chances of any spills or the bean bag needing to be cleaned in that time is probable and necessary.

All the photos on the website are good, it’s great to actually see the babies and children sat on the bean bags and chairs showing that they are comfortable and easy to use. The baby bean bags have a 3 point harness to keep the baby safe, the baby to junior bean bags have the addition that the harness can be removed to use once it’s not required.

You will see from looking at their website that they are on trend with unicorns, dinosaurs, even doughnuts and many more different styles of their products for children. They do other children products, dog beds, adult products, outdoor bean bags and even company branded cubes. There is so much to look at and choose from, even photo cushions. All the items can vary in sizes and colours.

An add on that I was intrigued by was the option to personalise the products you buy from them, I must say after ordering this bean bag I am excited to order a dinosaur related product personalised with my toddlers name on for his birthday in October!

The delivery of the bean bag was speedy and efficient, receiving emails and texts confirming date of arrival and then time, with the option to have delivered to a local shop to collect when convenient if I wasn’t due to be home. My toddler was excited about the contents so I did open it, although I have weeks until it will be used. He loved the look of the bean bag.

I am excited to use it once baby is here, I am so glad with my choice of design. The fabric on the top is so soft and I am so pleased with the product.

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