Casting my Bump

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

At 25 weeks pregnant I went for a cast of my pregnancy bump with Casting Creations in Newport with Liz.

Although I don’t mind people in a professional manner being in my personal space I was a bit apprehensive, as I was unsure what to expect and just hoped that Liz was a nice person who I wouldn’t mind being so close to me!

I couldn’t have been happier with Liz, she’s so lovely, helpful and puts you at ease from day one of communication and in person.

I had booked my appointment by email and Liz explained that I would need to park in a car park along with what the cost was (it was 50p per 30mins), she gave me her mobile number and assured me I could contact her at any point.

I did end up doing so by phoning her just to ensure I was at the right place, she even walked out onto the street to meet me to make sure I entered the right building.

I arrived at the studio where there is a toilet that you can change your clothes and use when needed. Liz then asks you to rub Vaseline onto your bump- to ensure that when the cast is removed it doesn’t pull any hairs off along with it she will also rub a bit more on for you to ensure it’s in all the right places and there is plenty on.

Whilst you sit in a chair Liz wets the bandages and starts wrapping your bump, patting and wiping it down flat to your stomach to ensure the cast gets the right shape, this is done all over your bump, then under your bra and then your boob area. You may need to pull up the straps of your bra for a short time to ensure that Liz gets all of the layers and connections she needs to keep the cast together in the bump shape and that’s the cast complete in this session.

Liz then takes the cast away and has to do more reinforcement on it, decorate etc. Liz will talk with you about what you want it to look like, colours, designs and organise all of this with you- what you would like it to look like and when to collect.

Liz will ensure your comfort is met at all times and if you need to stand or have a ‘wriggle’ you can at any time. The whole experience was very nice and I didn’t find it weird at all, I was there just under 2 hours and I was shocked when we were done as I honestly felt like I had only been there half an hour!

I can’t wait to see the finished article, I have asked Liz to decorate just the boob’s part of the cast so then I can use the plain bump part to be written on at my baby shower in July.

There are so many designs, colours and different things you can do with your bump cast once it’s completed, just speak with Liz and look at her previous creations, an idea that I love is to go back with your bump cast once the baby is born and have photos of your baby actually in the bump cast with Casting Creations partnered photography company.

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