Cheltenham's Hive of Activity...

The Hive Community Space in Cheltenham is a haven for new families and experienced parents alike. The home of Cheltenham’s beloved Tatty Bumpkin, The Hive Community Space is your go to venue for everything from baby yoga to parenting talks, language classes to keep fit, as well as being a hub for community reuse, reduce and recycle endeavours.

Take your recyclables along to class or pop in at a time to suit you!

When you go along to a class or talk, you can take a wealth of waste with you, ready for it to be sent off or collected locally and reused or recycled. The back room is open whenever the gym is, so if you’re passing on your way to or from work, you can drop things off then too.

The Hive Community Space is open during Sports Direct opening hours.

Some examples of what you can take along are:

- Empty baby food pouches

These are sent off to Terracycle and the money they raise is donated to Gloucestershire Bundles. There’s no need to wash the pouches out, but do be sure to leave the lids on to reduce mess and odour! If you’re a Nom Nom Kids customer and your pouches have come to the end of their lifespan (we’ve had some for almost 3 years, so don’t hold your breath for these), you can even recycle those too.

- Bras

If you have bras that are too big, too small or any that are no longer used, languishing in your chest of drawers, you can pop these in the relevant bin at The Hive Community Space. Once the bin is full, the contents are sent to the Against Breast Cancer charity, which funds research into breast cancer, as well as supporting communities in Africa where bras are too expensive to produce locally.

- Wool

Donated wool is used by a team of local ladies who knit hats for new babies born at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

- Greetings Cards

If you’re visiting after Christmas, a birthday or other celebration and you have greetings cards that you don’t want to keep. Take them along and they will be donated to Cobalt Diagnostic Imaging, where they are made into new cards, which are sold in hospitals and doctors surgeries. The money raised is used to continue to valuable work of Cobalt, a Cheltenham based charity.

The boxes and bins are all clearly labelled, so you can be in and out in a jiffy.

Did You Know?

1. As well as being able to drop off your recycling, The Hive Community Space is also a pick up point for Pop Clothing customers, which not only saves money on postage, it also reduces the carbon footprint of your clothes.

2. During class time, you are also welcome to use the baby weighing facilities, which saves you making an extra trip out to the Children’s Centre!

3. You can hire this lovely space for your class, party or presentation. If you have an occasion in mind and need a fabulous venue, email Andrea