Christmas list from newborn to toddler

For our little squidges I've made two lists.

This first one is for expecting friends and family and those with tiny babies.

Practical, items that grow with your baby that are just gorgeous!

Newborn and up

Rosa & Bo

I love these nesting babies with chiming bo bunny inspired by traditional Russian dolls.

The nesters are recognised as being the first nursery toy to be completely safe for children under 3 years old – they are actually tested and credited as safe from birth, but we’d recommend them for 12 months and over. Plus, they are even water-safe - making them suitable for the bath as well as the beach!

Nesting babies £22 buy direct


This has been a show favourite from the start. We love the recent editions of re-useable straws and the slightly larger snack bags. You'll find a new range for older children and adults too!

Perfect for carrying and storing snacks, baby lead weaning, smoothies and puree food storage.

I've picked this Christmas gift box because it has all you need to wean and beyond in one box! Super value too!

Children's Christmas Gift Box £15 buy direct


I love these trousers designed by a mum!

They're practical, go with everything, perfect for baby wearing, for comfort and safety with the specially designed built in socks Non-slip grips on the soles. Ideal for hard floors and keeping tiny feet warm!

Available in sizes from 3-6 months up to 4 years. They're on the roomy side so you get great value for money. Use the colour co-ordinated ties for a good fit.

Joggers £22.99 Jeans £26.99 (fully lined) Buy direct


I love space saving play mats. I really love these bespoke ones from Favour. . Laid out it has a diameter of approx 1 metre (plenty of space for a baby or toddler). Pull the draw strings and it closes up into a nice little bundle that is completely flexible (throw it under the sofa or in a cupboard) and it encompasses all the toys that were on the mat! Hello super speedy tidy up time! You can even throw under the buggy or in the car to take it with you on an outing/ time away

Machine washable. Fabric customisable. £45 unpadded £50 padded. To buy direct contact on FB

Lilith Loves Henry

Another show favourite. I met the couple behind this business through NomNom Kids.

They make delightful and safe teething jewellery. They have more recently expanded the range to dummies, teething toys and some gorgeous stacking cups. You'll be spoilt for choice for yourself of gift buying.

From £4.50 Buy direct

Jo & Nic's Crinkly Cloth Books

This is my favourite find of 2020! A newspaper for babies. Such a cute idea! There are two types, comics or nursery times.

They are safe, sensory, tactile and washable. This is definitely a lovely gift that will grow with your child. You can even have your very own personalised nursery times!!

From £10 Buy direct

Raum and wide

I love all things Scandi. You can see the influence in my home. Now we have so much more than Ikea bring us clean, clutter free style.

I'm in love with most of the Danish prints available at Raum and Wide. Check out the section for 'littlies'. I have put a picture here of a gorgeous lion print. Perfect to grace a newborn nursery right through to a toddlers playroom and beyond.

Lion Poster £19.95 Buy direct

Cover me baby

Right from day 1 this is a must have! It will really cut down on what you need in your changing bag because it's multipurpose - 5 in 1. Of course, it's designed by a mum. There is a limited edition pink stripe available as well as lots of other designs and colours to match your style.

Grey and white stripe cover me pictured. £29.99 Buy direct

Next - toddlers & up list

Music Subscription

Miniature Music has been popular with families in the Cotswolds and Bristol for a few years now. Since lockdown they have come up with a completely new way to bring you family music education

It's as fun as ever and the price keeps it as accessible.

It's simple and hassle free. You select the adventure that's right for you and your family and you’re on your way to receiving new and fun musical adventures each month, music learning has never been easier.

There are currently 3 plans.

Baby sing

Family time

Musical maestros

Each subscription gives you access to 8 videos a month (2 a week) with a fresh theme and activities. There's lots of fun ideas to try at home and crafts to make alongside the music.

For Christmas week they have a Julia Donaldson singalong and Father Christmas singalong. (did you know the big man plays ukulele?)

It's a lovely gift that grows with your family or as a gift for friends.

Subscriptions £5.99 month - cancel any time Buy direct

The Christmas wish

I love personalised books and this one just for Christmas is fabulous!

‘The Christmas Wish’ is a delightful Christmas story that will enchant your child.

It features YOUR child (or a child you know) as the lead character.

Each book is personalised so that the story is told from the child’s perspective. The child’s name features on the front cover and throughout the book; they are the star of their own story – there’s even a photo of them inside the book.

Imagine being given a book that not only has your name in it, making you the star of the story, but the character even looks like you and to top it all off, your photo is inside the book!

The Christmas Wish pictured cost £24.99 buy direct Use this exclusive code for 20% off MMCWB20

Eco Teepee club

A gift doesn't always have to be wrapped up.

An eco teepee party offers the most magical sleep over experiences in your own home. I think this makes a fantastic gift. Something to really look forward too.

I love this choice of themes!

-Eco Woodland

-Eco Wild Jungle

-Eco Ocean

-Eco Cygnet

-Eco Polar Christmas

These packages include:

-Teepee décor of your choice

- Eco friendly mattresses

- Sweet hamper

- Blankets and decorative pillows

- Fairy lights

- Decorations

-Beautiful accessories

The cost is £35 each up to 4 teepee's £20 per additional teepee.

Contact direct

Jane Foster Designs

I love most things on this website. Be warned, enter if you dare!!

I've chosen this Cat Cross Stitch Friend from Moon Picnic out of all the loveliness. I'd happily buy most things on the website as lovely lovely thoughtful gifts.

This kit teaches your child a new skill whilst providing a fun and creative pastime.

It comes with100% wool yarn in two tones, a safe plastic needle and a play booklet with tutorial and patterns.

A wonderful project for cross stitch beginners, the kit offers multiple design ideas so that your child can create their own unique jumper for Cat. It will help to teach your child a lifelong skill.

The brand's primary aim is to keep the magic of childhood alive in these often busy modern times.

Cross stitch cat £12 Buy direct

tots up

I feel in love with the Tots Up reward chart bus a few years ago when mum designer came to one of our shows. I bought. a bus for a family I was working with. It went down a treat!

Now you can also get a PINK bus! Key workers to go on the bus as well as animals and festive friends!

The website is gorgeous and easy to navigate. It has a great how to use section as there is an app option to go with the reward chart.

It's aimed at children aged 2-6 years, It makes a lovely gift. Buses, passenger sets and milestone reusable dry wipe boards pictured.

Red or pink reward chart bus £22.95 Buy direct

Sensory playdough

I love playdough, it's gift that will 100% be played with! It's so much fun.

One of my foster boys had difficulty expressing emotion, everything came out as angry so I started to get him to make his feelings out of playdough. It really helped!

Sensory Playdough is designed to spark curiosity and ignite your little ones imagination. It's brilliant for open ended, child led play.

This Playdough bears the CE mark, none of the packaging is plastic and can be recycled or if possible reused!

Each pot costs £5 Buy direct from

messy me

Have you been watching the great British bake off? I love baking and have enjoyed making cakes since I was very small. Messy Me have a fabulous baking kit that makes the perfect gift for anyone that loves cake! Baking is a great way to spend time together and this little set has everything you need and a special bag to store it all in.

Baking set - various colours available.£19.50 Buy direct

Read . create . play

We all love a good book, they're a magical part of childhood. Read, Create, Play is a book and craft subscription for children who love to read, create and play.

They promise to source the most inviting children's books and marry them with all the resources you need to complete an exciting craft.

Each box is carefully curated, it sounds amazing doesn't it!

​You pick the plan that works best for the age of the child you are buying for and the number of months you wish to subscribe for.

I often craft around stories we read. For it to arrive in a box every month with an exciting mew story to read is real winner for me. If you're buying for a friend you have the option to purchase an individual box. What a great gift!!

Individual box £22.99 12 month subscription £20 month

Buy direct