Christmas under a fiver

You may be on a budget, perhaps not needing to buy much for a little one or may be looking for stocking fillers.

If like me after having spent the majority of the budget on one big present (like a required bike or big playset) for the children, it’s great to have a look at what we can get for £5 & under this year, from small businesses that they will absolutely love.

Jingle Spoon

A perfect stocking filler and lovely sensory toy for babies. With different colour/theme choices for the ribbon & bells, it’s a perfect little present for children to enjoy all year round.

£5 from Little Hatchling Treasures Facebook page. They also have plenty of other sensory little goodies for £5 & under & some treasure baskets ready made.

Fairy Mugs

Red inside & handled mugs, personalised with a girl or boy fairy along with a name that you choose. This mugs looks lovely & I know all children would love to drink from them, even if it has a cold drink inside. Perfect for those winter hot chocolates.

£5 from The Occasional Crafter- Kids Vegan & Handmade Nail Brush

I am in love with these nail brushes, they are not only made from FSC certified beechwood & plant based bristles (Natural Tampico fibre) they come with a choice of chartacter engraved on the top. We all know how important it is to keep our hands clean, espcially with the current Covid sitaution children, even babies need to learn that when we end up with dirt or paint under our finger or toenails it can be cleaned easily. These brushes are a great way to encourage & help children clean their nails, even better as they are child size.

The characters that can be engraved on the top in this range are; Alpaca, Dinosaur, Dolphin, Flamingo, Fox, Gecko, Leaf, Lion, Polar bear, Swan, Tortoise & Unicorn.

This website is full of so many Eco friendly goodies for all your family needs, I came across another great present for children under £5....

£4 from Eco-Able

Bamboo Toothbrush

I like to get my boys involved in making eco changes. An eco toothbrush is an easy change to make. These ones from Wild Wonders are a bit special and make a great little gift. £3.50 and come in the lovely colourful box pictured.

£3.50 form Precious Cherubs

Christmas Balloons

I know I know, balloons? Not everyone will see this as a good present, but I do!

The happiness they can bring children can last longer than some presents. For occasions both my 15 month old & 4 year old really appreciate & enjoy a balloon (as well as me). I will be ordering my children a Balloon each for them to see along with their presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

I have bought many products, balloons etc from the ultimate party shop over the years after a recommendation. They're a great small business. Great quality, service, and not overpriced.

Balloons start from £2.99 from The Ultimate Party Shop

You can visit the shop at Regent Street, Cheltenham or order on their website

Christmas Sweet Selection

Tasha's Sugar Art has put together two different sweet selections to order now and collect anytime from the second week of December.

All the flavours sound delicious for everyone,

The one that includes; Toffee BonBons, Fizzy Christmas Trees, Tiny Gingerbread Men, Milk Chocolate Brussel Sprouts, Christmas Elf’s & Jelly candy canes is a bargain for £5

A great choice for the children. Even better – they are tied with a ribbon & a tiny candy cane so no wrapping required. I personally have ordered both of the sweet treat selections, Christmas is definitely the time to eat sweet treats, no matter what your age!

£5 each from Tasha Sugar Art Follow on Facebook or Instagram & message Tasha to order yours, to collect from The Studios, Cheltenham, GL50 3DN