Chuckling Goat


Chuckling goat kindly gave me a beautiful basket of their beauty products for a charity event we held. I offered to write a review blog on one of the soaps and lotions they sent as a thank you.

Firstly, it was so difficult to decide what cleanser and lotion to choose. They all smell so AMAZING! The products are 100% natural. Free from paraben's, petrochemicals, dyes, perfumes and phthalates. This is MASSIVE for me as I am struggling to hold a pregnancy. You will read more about this in my 'Secondary Infertility' blog coming out soon.

In the end I settled on the Break-Out Kefir Cleanser and Break-Out Kefir Lotion.

I work at my local hospital for the NHS. Currently as you know we are wearing masks throughout our shifts. The weather has also been very hot. I had no idea you could get a sweaty chin!! All around the areas my masks cover I have had little break outs. With my current shaggy hair style and shaggy eyebrows (at least it all matches in) I was VERY fed up with being spotty to boot.

I have been using the products for a week. My breakout skin dried out and healed very quickly. I was SO pleased with this!

There are 5 cleanser bars and lotions to choose from. They all smell amazing so you can buy with complete confidence. They also make a sensitive cleanser and lotion if you struggle with using any natural essential oils.

I found the website easy to navigate. They even have a section for TTC, pregnancy and post pregnancy. There is also a purple chat box so you can speak with a nutritional therapist.

If you struggle with digestive issues, PCOS, skin conditions, allergies and many other issues listed specifically on their website you will follow a link to products that can help your condition. I will be asking more questions about infertility to add to my next blog.

Click on any of the photos to find their website. Let me know what you think!