Cotswold farm park


It was busy but not overwhelming, plenty of space for everyone.

100% recommend if you need a trip out especially with small ones that need to run about and don't always manage social distancing!

Our first post lock down family trip out. Since the start of lockdown we have been to the supermarket, visited my mother in her garden and had very limited contact with friends via zoom, face time and socially distanced walks. We REALLY needed a day out.

One of my earliest memories is at The Cotswold Farm park (there was a slight trauma with a goat). I really love it and often go if I need a lift emotionally. Connecting with animals always makes me feel better and it's just such an easy space with little ones to run about and older ones to play on the pillow trampolines and stroke all the animals.

It had the same feel as always. Apart form visitors being careful to give enough space to each other and a few extra hand sanitizer stations it was all the same. The park has plenty of sinks as you always need to wash your hands after touching animals, not just during a pandemic!

Learning about the origins of the Cotswolds.

We couldn't pick up and cuddle any small animals today as that would invovle staff being in close contact. I didn't notice the change until about an hour after arrival (I was just so excited to be out!) There are so many animals in pens that you can say 'hi' to and stroke you, don't feel like you have missed out on the experience.

I love the circular walk around the animal fields. The goats are keen for an extra snack and come over and follow you . Lot's of chickens, cows, pigs/piglets, donkeys, horses/foals donkeys/foals and sheep too.

We took a picnic and snacks, there is ample space for this either with a picnic rug or on the plentiful benches that have lots of space between.

We didn't use the restaurant today as I didn't feel quite ready for everything. It looked well organised with all the measures in place for your safety and staff safety. Next time I think we'lll treat ourselves to lunch out. I did enjoy the shop. Frugi in the wild! and Sockatoos.