Cover Me Baby

Cover Me Baby UK gave me the chance to have one of their cover’s. I was excited to choose the design to have and went for the grey and white stripes, as most of my baby accessories I have are grey and white so it goes well with them, there was a lot of choice to look through and many to suit everyone.

The feel of the fabric is soft and is a lot thinner than I imagined it would be. The material is “Super soft, stretchy and lightweight, made in the UK from Oeko-Tex” and it really is soft and stretched over everything I tried it out on!

When the package arrived I was so happy with the fact that all of it was recyclable being cardboard and then the lovely paper wrapping around the cover inside made it feel so special, would be great for a gift for yourself or a new mum/mum to be.

I was pleasantly surprised how it folded up into itself, it came through the post via my letterbox rather than a parcel and you can carry it around in the changing bag so easily taking it anywhere with you.

(Cover when folded into itself)

The cover states that it has many uses and I wanted to try these out. I was sceptical when I saw that it advertises you can use the cover for the car seat or pushchair, as I have never clipped a muslin or blanket over the top due to overheating and the horror stories you see/hear nowadays, but once I read the statement on the website discussing this issue and ensuring the child can get to or see the head hole my mind was put at ease and gave it a try and as you can see from the photo baby Harry didn’t mind at all.

I have to collect my eldest from Nursery 2 days a week and with the current COVID-19 rules in place when collecting him I have to wait outside under no cover for him to be brought to the door. This means if it’s raining then my Harry gets a bit wet. I tried using the cover on the car seat when it was light raining one day and managed to keep him from getting soaking wet, which is great.

I haven’t been shopping since before lockdown and have now found myself wanting to, I wasn’t too happy at the thought of my baby being sat in the trolley, touching the metal etc, even once sanitised. I must say that once I had the cover I felt more confident in going and taking him with me. He really liked it and enjoyed having the cover around him, maybe because he had been around it for a while so was aware that it was his and comforting.

Another use that I unfortunately couldn’t get a selfie with is to use as a cover when breastfeeding, you can see photos on their website and social media and it works really well if you ever feel or want to cover you and baby when feeding. I personally don’t mind breastfeeding in public but I know many new mums or some mums don’t feel comfortable. I found it useful as now Harry is so interested in the world around him, it helped to get him to solely concentrate on feeding.

I am so happy with this cover, I wish I had had it with my first born too, I look forward to continuing to use it in the many different ways, as Harry grows I think the next to try will be in the buggy when he needs a snack on the go ensuring the buggy keeps crumb free. Take a look at their website & follow on Facebook & Instagram: