Craft kits to bring calm to your home

I was very much looking forward to receiving The Breathing Buddy craft box . A letterbox anxiety kit for children to help to bring calm to your home. It includes all the things you need and a guide to help you navigate your way through six mindful craft activities to promote positive mental health well being.

Lockdown and 2020 has been a difficult time for all, especially children who may find it difficult to talk about their feelings and anxieties. This is where The Breathing Buddy comes in!

Myself and Carla (aged 6) opened the box and explored the different resources. There were plenty for each activity with spares for personal creativity once the tasks had been completed. Included is a clear and concise handbook with a step by step guide explaining each activity and how to use it to express feelings.

We got to work with Carla allocating feelings to the different coloured glitters and then using these to add to her jar. She chose blue because it is my favourite colour and would make me happy and purple as the colour makes her think of rainbows . We topped it with water to make a colourful snow globe.

School is a very different place despite all the best intentions of the amazing teachers who continue to strive to bring some kind of normality to the day. With this in mind we made the Breathe bracelet. A bracelet decorated with beads and the word Breathe spelt out with beads. We talked through the prompts and how to look at it as a reminder to breathe calmly and take a minute out if she was struggling at school.

The activities were great for helping children and families to talk about their feelings and encouraging them to find ways to deal with them. The Breathing Buddy have a great page on Facebook with lots of tips and ideas for both children and their families to become more mindful through these difficult times.

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You can also find them on Facebook at The Breathing Buddy or on Instagram