Erth's Dinosaur zoo

I was so excited to go to this show, we had family members who attended it the week before us and were raving about it. Having looked at the videos on youtube, I was even more excited! This show is interactive with lots of audience participation through out!

The dinosaur puppets are beautiful and so life like, when they come on stage, there is no mistaking that they are very much "alive". The puppeteers operate them so elegantly and flawlessly that you could imagine being amongst these prehistoric creatures and this would be exactly how they would be in real life.

My little one Sebby, who is 4 was a bit scared at first but slowly came round to the show. He loved the audience interaction, of which there was lots and he loved how the dinosaurs moved on stage.

At one point, large dragonflies come out into the audience and land on all the children. Sebby loved this part and he enjoyed the puppets landing on his head!

We went with Sebastian's little friend Órla who is 3. For the final dinosaur, A Titanosaur, Órla was asked to go on stage and had to give the dinosaur, which was the biggest in the world, some flowers to eat. Myself and Órla's mum were both a bit apprehensive when we saw the size of the dinosaur but Órla was so brave and she even gave it a kiss!!

Pictures shared with permission from Órla 's mummy!

After the show, everyone was invited out to the forecourt to meet the baby dinosaurs that appeared in the show. Sebastian and Órla were really excited to meet the dinosaurs and we got lots of pictures with them!

If you get a chance to see this show, do it! It's amazing and such a unique show. On looking at their website, I can't find any information on up coming shows in the UK, there are currently shows in the US, Australia and Japan. I really hope they come back to perform at the fringe next year. In the mean time, I'm keeping an eye on their website for any updates!