Fantastic Plastic

Updated: May 15, 2019

According to National Geographic, 91% of plastic is not currently being recycled. At this rate, The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2050, there may be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

Plastic is a hot topic. With a busy family life, do you have time to consider your plastic usage?

Do you know what types of plastic you can recycle? Is it recycled here in the UK or does it get shipped to China to be recycled?

A few of us busy mums tried out Ecovers new washing up liquid bottle. Not only is it made from 100% recycled plastic it's also 100% recyclable or you can refill it at selected stores.

Here's what we thought.......

Photo credit @StephLovesHoney

Rosie, a nurse and mum to Adam and Eddie and fur babies Sausage and Beans

Usually I use one of the store own brands washing up liquid so the first thing I noticed is that you really don’t need to use much each time. The bottle is nice looking although this isn’t usually a priority for me.

Price wise - another leading brand is 50p cheaper for 400mls more, although I have to say I expected Ecover to cost more as it’s been a while since I used this brand.

I am now more bothered by what washing up liquid to use as I no longer have a dish washer and my hands are definitely suffering for using cheaper brands. Since using Ecover this week, my hands don’t feel as dry or tight so that’s a bonus.

The smell is nice and not too strong. I also use washing up liquid for the hob and cleaning kitchen surfaces rather than buying bottles of other things; ecover does this without any problems.

I am always trying to find ways to create less waste and this is another step and this bottle should last me quite a while. I would definitely buy it again.

10/10 WINNER!

Photo credit @Ecover

Steph, a teacher, blogger and mum to Honey and Ace

Ecover is passionate about doing their bit to reverse the damage caused by overusing plastic. Ecover washing up liquid comes in a new bottle made from 100% recycled materials and is still 100% recyclable going forwards.

It’s available in three sizes, including a bulk refill pack so you can use the same bottle again and again.

It's available from most of the main supermarkets and the price per 100ml is comparable to other leading brands when buying the larger sizes. It’s on offer in Sainsbury’s at the moment, making it cheaper that some of the market leaders, whilst also being kinder to the environment and your skin.

We are currently using Ecover’s lemon and aloe vera washing up liquid and we are pleased to report that just a small amount lathers beautifully and cleans really effectively. It’s also really gentle on sensitive or dry skin, due to it being made from natural ingredients and the new, improved bottle is light and easy to pour from (plus it looks pretty cool on the worktop too). All in all, using Ecover will leave your conscience and your dishes squeaky clean!

9/10 WINNER!

My only slight grumble would be that it’s quite a bit more expensive per 100ml than our usual brand, if the larger sized bottles aren’t in stock but hopefully having our bottle refilled will work out cheaper in the long run!

Photo credit @StephLovesHoney

Chrissie, a sonographer. James, marine engineer / TV presenter. Parents to Cameron, Leon, Kit and Oliver and fur Baby Vinny.