Hypnobirthing Day Course

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I am just over 24 weeks pregnant. I was invited to attend a group day course of Hypnobirthing with Yvonne, Relaxed Birthing. I was more than happy to attend this course with one of my birthing partners, as I have met Yvonne before and really looked forward to the idea of spending the day with her and other couples expecting.

Although I am at an earlier gestation to others that may consider this, I feel that there is no ‘right’ time to attend a Hypnobirthing course or start thinking about the birth of your child. This is my second pregnancy and am already planning my VBAC birth, I wanted to be put at ease and in a positive mind set for the birth thoughts I am having.

We started the day with brief introductions from each expecting couple. One lady was on her own and I would have felt more than comfortable to attend the course alone and relay the information to my birthing partner, it wasn’t awkward at all.

Some may expect a ‘hippy’ type of Hypnobirthing, but it’s not- Yvonne understands and takes into account we may need or want to take pain relief and any type of labour may occur and she just wants to help you through it.

The course gives you ways to cope and manage with the birth of your baby, no matter what the labour type is or where you choose to have it. It's tailored to all different kinds of labour and the people attending, it feels 121 even though you are sat with other couples.

There are massages, breathing techniques and hypnosis scripts to participate in if you wish and they are so relaxing!

With this course you receive a follow up in your home with Yvonne and your birthing partner to cover anything you need to recap, any worries or advice you need- to be booked when convenient for you.

You also receive a bag with some little goodies and freebies to take home with you, along with a book: The Calm Method by Suzy Ashworth, a voucher for a new-born photoshoot and a *folder.

Yvonne is so adapting and understanding, she’s so personable and lovely natured. Yvonne checked if we were all ok and comfortable at all times, she had even brought some pregnancy balls to sit on- which was a first for me to try and I am so glad I did!

I enjoyed the course so much and would definitely recommend to anyone due to give birth. I can even use the things we learnt in everyday stressful situations and in life in general.

I left the course full of positive and happy thoughts and looking forward to the birth of my son in August.

I will continue to practice the breathing and the listen to the hypnosis MP3’s when I can to help prepare for when the day comes, no matter what type of labour I end up having I know I have so many choices in the positions, surroundings, words used, oils that may help relax along with music, massages etc.