Littleton, Little Town

Littleton Playspace is a relatively new role play space in Easton, Bristol. The owner Kate, was made redundant before Christmas and decided to take the plunge and start her own business and Littleton Playspace is the result of that.

My 4 year old son and I visited Littleton PlaySpace over February half term and we had a lovely day! I had read on the website beforehand that SatNavs didn’t always direct you to the right place so as I was driving up I was aware that I might be a bit off the mark. My satnav (google maps), did try to direct me to a wall but if you drive just a little further up the road, you’ll find the opening to the business park where Littleton PlaySpace is situated. You'll also find this helpful sign to let you know you’re in the right place.

When you enter the business park, Littleton Playspace is on the left hand side, it’s a white building. My son was so excited when I stopped the car, he squealed. I had been building him up all day, so I was really hoping Littleton didn’t disappoint. He’s at the age where he can’t really control his emotions and any upset can be an all-out tantrum in 2 seconds flat. I needed have worried!

As you walk in to the building, you’re greeted by a very cheerful and friendly Kate. She welcomes you in and then you’re told to pop your large bags, coats and shoes in a side room before you head into the playspace.

The playspace itself is covered in fake grass which Sebby really liked. He did remind me a few times that it was fake grass! The first area you head into is the main playspace, there’s an ice cream truck, puppets, a food van, letter box, gardening equipment, village shop and farm area complete with horses, sheep and hens with eggs! To the right hand side, there are two other rooms, one is a vets and the other is a construction site. Each area has it’s own costume to complete the role play.

The first spot Sebby went to was the ice cream truck, the boy loves an ice cream! He put on his chefs hat and proceeded to make me an ice cream. He loved scooping up the ‘ice cream’ and making cones. We spent quite a bit of time just pretending to make and eat ice cream and ice lollies.

The Sebby then decided he wanted to be a chef, so we headed to the food truck. Here. He made me fish and chips, lemon juice and tea. He also made me hot dogs! He really enjoyed the food truck and all the little touches, there was a microwave and even a coffee maker with little discs that were like coffee pods. I loved the pretend plaice for the fish and chips, that might have been my favourite.

We then went to look at the puppets and had a play with the parrots and people before heading into the vets surgery, we spent most of our time in here with Sebby “fixing” all the animals. He would pick up each animal and say “OK, lets see if you’re ill, or something” before proceeding to tell them he had to listen to their “heart beep”. My favourite was definitely when he told a pug, that he’d bandaged up like a mummy that “this will hurt, it’s quite pokey” as he "injected" it in the neck!

We spent a little time in the construction area building a house before Sebby decided that we wanted to dress up as the postman and post some letters. The it was time for the (stuffed animal) pet show!

Sebby had brought two of his teddies with him, he wanted to bring many more but I made him choose two (I’m a terrible mum, I know!). We decorated his teddies, a dog named Bones and a turtle named, wait for it…. Turtle! Then it was time to compete!

Kate had turned an annex room into show jumping ring. First it was the turn of the dogs, they had to dribble a ball down the course and jump over the jumps with the ball. Then they had to walk at the heel of their owners before finally comparing the dog to the owner as a final assessment. All the while, Kate was doing a running commentary for each part of the competition. After the dogs it was the turn of the horses, they had to show jump and jump over the rainbow jump.

The turtles came next, with dribbling a ball very slowly up the course. Then they had to do very slow dancing. Lastly, it was the turn of the cats. The cats had to go through a tunnel as fast as possible whilst poking their head out the holes along the way. Then they had to jump over the jumps, there was some spectacular spinning at this point.

In the end, Sebby won 2 medals and each teddy got a sticker. He was so pleased, he told everyone on the way home, at the nursery when we picked up his little sister and at the doctors! He couldn’t wait to tell his daddy all about his day at Littleton Playspace and is already asking to go back!

If you’re looking for somewhere to go over the weekend or during the week, have a trip to Littleton Playspace, it’s a lovely little venue and the kids will love it! Kate is friendly and very welcoming too! We’re already planning our next trip back with the baby.

Opening Times

Wednesday – 9:30-4:30pm Thursday – 9:30-4:30pm

Friday – 9:30-4:30pm

Saturday – 10-3pm Sunday – 10-3pm


Cost For 90 minutes play

£5 for over 1’s

£3.50 for babies over 6 months


8 St Gabriels Business Park

St Gabriels Road





There is ample parking in front of the building or just to the righhand side of the building and it’s free!


Tea, Coffee and snacks are available including some yummy cupcakes!


There are 2 toilets on site and a baby change.