Meet the Heartbeat Clan

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

These are two lovely books written by Natalie Savvides about being kind to one another. The books are entitled Meet Henry Heartbeat and Meet Henrietta Heartbeat. The aim of these books is to spread positivity, good behaviour and kindness whilst also being a mascot for anti bullying.

The first one, Meet Henry Heartbeat, is about a little boy. He wears a little green cap and blue shorts and T-shirt and has a big smiley heart for a face. The details on the back of the book say ‘Henry Heartbeat is one half of the happy, friendly duo Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat. These two fun-loving, upbeat, characters live by spreading love and happiness. Henry & Henrietta’s happy – go – lucky, positive attitude teaches kindness and care, making the world a better place to live in.’

Meet Henrietta Heartbeat is about a little girl. She wears a blue skirt and top with a little red bow on her head and a big smiley heart for a face. The details on the back of the book say ‘Hello! I’m Henrietta Heartbeat. Let me introduce myself and show you how I rise and shine with a smile, dance and sing with a grin, always try to be happy and always try to be kind. You’ll see how I live, how I play and how I like to start each day. There will be lots more stories to share with you, so you can live this way too.’

Below are two little videos introcuding each character;

My son, who is 4 and a half, enjoyed both these books. Each page has a simple rhyme on it telling a little story with an illustration on the opposite page. Some of the sentences were a bit confusing for my son and he did question the following sentence from Meet Henry Heartbeat;

“When new girls and boys arrive, he smiles with his heart and his eyes.”

He asked why Henry was smiling with his heart and eyes and not his mouth!

The font in these books are big enough that my son can read some of the words and the illustrations are bright and colourful which he enjoyed. The story in both books is short and simple, Henry has 11 readable pages and Henrietta has 12 readable pages. The last page in both books contain the same message, ‘It’s cool to be kind’.

In my opinion, the message in these books is aimed at reception aged children. However, unless you encourage them to read the story themselves, the story isn't long enough to keep them occupied for long. The story itself suitable for toddlers.

The Author of these books, Natalie Savvides, is a married mother of two, living in South West London. If you would like to read more from Natalie, the link can be found below.


I was a little surprised to see the price of the hardback versions of these books, £17.99 a piece! This feels a little steep to me, however, the paperback versions are a more acceptable price (Henry Heartbeat £8.99 Henrietta Heartbeat: £9.99) and if you have an eReader, the books are only £3.50 each.