Mumpreneurs get Foxy

Updated: May 15, 2019

Guest Blog by Steph Gore

If you’ve ever been on maternity leave, you may be familiar with some of

these questions.....

How will I leave our baby to go back to work?

How will we fit everything in around work?

Who will look after our child while we work?

Will we be able to afford the childcare costs?

On my return, I asked for and was lucky enough to have been granted, a part time contract at work. Couple this with some fantastic; very flexible (and therefore affordable) childcare options and my returns to work have been painless. But what if part time isn’t an option for you, or you’ve lost the passion you once felt for your job? Could you give it all up and followyour dream?

In 2017, Kate and Rachel did just this. They decided to harness their newfound love of buying clothes for their tiny people and set up Cotswold Baby Co and they haven’t looked back since!

When Ace and I were invited along to meet the team at Cotswold Baby Co HQ, I jumped at the chance to meet the duo behind the cutest kids clothing lines in town!

Based in Cirencester, Kate and Rachel can be found at local shows and events, but also sell online.

Cotswold Baby Co’s lines take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings and Cotswold traditions.

In line with the latest trends, the Fantastic Fox capsule collection features gorgeous prints and super soft fabrics and what baby doesn’t adore farm animals? The At the Farm collection boasts a range of super cute animals and farmyard machines.

When it comes to choosing brands, Kate and Rachel only stock clothing that they love. If they love their kids in it, it’s great quality and it washes well, it’s in!

With brands like Blade and Rose, Toby Tigerand Piccalilly, as well as their own label, Cotswold Baby Co has got your little one covered (literally).

The talented duo are also huge advocates for supporting local businesses and have involved other Mum bosses in advising on their marketing and social media, running their photo shoots and creating their logo (only a fellow Mum would understand the absolute need to redesign a logo numerous times because the foxes scarf tail needed to be ‘cuter’, I think you’ll agree that they nailed it)

In our house, we love clothes that are bright, comfortable and a little bit different and this gorgeous site delivers. Ace is a mountain goat in disguise and loves to climb all over everything, run everywhere and doesn’t want to be restricted by anything, especially his clothes! We test drove some Blade and Rose leggingsand Ace found them perfect for crawling around after his vehicles, walking along walls and generally being a boy about town. They are made from a fairly warm fabric but are also lose enough to fit a pair of tights under

neath for really chilly days. They wash very well, dry quickly and the best bit is that they don’t

need ironing. The down side? When I check my photos at the end of a day in these, I generally find that most of my photos are of Ace’s behind and hardly any have his face in! The leggings have the most adorable pictures on the bottom and it seems I can’t get enough of them!

We were also given a gorgeous t-shirt from the company’s own label to test and we were really impressed with this too. The fabric is lovely and soft and the top holds its shape really well. The tractors are nice and bright,which engaged Ace, as he kept stopping what he was doing to count them and name their colours. I styled it with a long sleeved vest underneath as I couldn’t wait until summer for him to wear it!

The Cotswold Baby Co website is beautifully branded and extremely user friendly. You can easily browse by collection, or type of clothing and you can even leave special instructions at the checkout if you’re ordering a gift or have specific delivery requirements. Currently the Cotswold Baby Co range caters for ages 0-3 years but watch this space, because as the Cotswold babies Henry and Florence grow, both Mums agree that a collection for older children could be on the cards!If you like the sound of colourful, quality kids clothing that’s built to last, don’t forget to pop along and see Kate and Rachel at The Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show on Sunday 29th April 2018. We can’t wait to see them there!

If you can’t make the show or you can