My 4D & Wellbeing scan at Early Life Centre, Cheltenham

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Any new mum knows how incredible it is to see your baby on the ultrasound screen for the first time. But it can feel like a terribly long wait between the two NHS ultrasound scans and meeting your baby in person. Blogger Leanne Baker (My Bambino Journey) shares her experience of a private scan with the Early Life Centre, Cheltenham and how it can ease the wait!

I’m very excited to share my 4D and well-being scan experience with you all! I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with my second little girl and while pregnancy is a magical time, it’s natural to feel anxious. We are lucky to have access to NHS scans, usually at 12 weeks and 20 weeks in the UK. These pregnancy scans offer an amazing way of providing parents with essential and valuable information about the health, well-being & development of your baby. Private ultrasound scans (like those offered by the Early Life Centre in Cheltenham) are available to compliment and fit around your routine NHS scans.

I absolutely cannot start this blog post about my experience without an enormous thank you to Chrissie at The Early Life Centre in Cheltenham. I was lucky enough this week to pop along to see her for my pregnancy well-being scan. From the moment I arrived, she made me feel extremely welcome and at ease – which instantly made me feel reassured and excited about having my pregnancy scan.

The centre has a very relaxed and inviting feel to it, with lovely sofas to relax on, a children’s area with books & toys, magazines/newspapers and free wifi on offer. Family & siblings are welcome in the scan room or can relax in the reception area.

The centre has a very relaxed and inviting feel to it, with lovely sofas to relax on, a children’s area with books & toys, magazines/newspapers and free wifi on offer. Family & siblings are welcome in the scan room or can relax in the reception area.

As I walked into the scan room I was welcomed with lovely soft lighting and fairy lights, with a big screen on the wall to enjoy seeing my baby clearly on. I excitedly hopped onto the couch and Chrissie applied some ultrasound gel to my tummy and explained in detail what would be involved during my scan and what she would be looking out for in my stage of pregnancy. For myself at 37 weeks it was to check the growth of my baby, her position and her general well-being.

Its a big gap between our routine pregnancy scans at 20 weeks and the birth of our baby’s, so for me it was extremely reassuring to see my little girl was at the stage she was supposed to be. Chrissie invited me to ask any questions I may have and was extremely thorough and professional whilst remaining friendly and open to listening to any concerns I may have.

My little girl was being a bit shy during my scan and had her face covered with her tiny little hand which was very cute! Chrissie went above and beyond to ensure I got the best experience possible during my scan. I was delighted when she pointed out my baby’s tufts of hair! Such a precious moment!

At the end of my scan I was given a USB stick with baby’s images on, as well as some printed images to take home with me.

I was thrilled with my private scan experience and would highly recommend it to any expectant parents. My summery of benefits are:

Convenience & Flexibility

  • Private clinics offer flexibility and control for parents, – you can book an appointment time which is convenient to you, as we all know how hard it can be to juggle work commitments and childcare.

  • Early Life offer weekend and evening appointments and siblings are welcome to come and enjoy the experience too, either in the scan room itself or in the comfortable children’s area outside.

Time & Detail

  • Private pregnancy scans can be more detailed because there is more time available. Early Life offer 30 minutes for each scan which means the sonographer can adapt the scan to suit the preferences of the parents, maybe if you wanted to focus a bit more on a particular part of your baby for example, you have the opportunity for that at Early Life.

  • While it’s wonderful NHS scans are available, there is a great pressure on NHS staff and this means you will have restricted time for your scan & may not get the time to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you have, which can leave you feeling worried or anxious.

Modern Technology & Facilities

  • Private scans use the latest technology meaning you can enjoy seeing your baby in more detail with a 3D or 4D scan for example.

  • At Early Life you get to experience a modern & stylish setting with soft lighting, Tea and Coffee facilities, free wifi, children’s area, newspapers and magazines.

When you look more closely at the benefits of having a private baby scan, you can see why it is becoming more popular among parents who can afford the option. The Early Life centre is situated in the heart of Cheltenham at 1 Imperial Square, Cheltenham GL50 1QB.

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