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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Guest blog - Katy Holden

When my first born was six months old, it was apparent that my oh so beautiful changing bag was not fit for purpose. Yes it had pockets, yes it was big… but it was also a mess!

I trawled the internet to find something to help.. and drew a blank.

I knew what I wanted, I could see it in my head. That was the start.

I’m Katy, wife & mum of two beautiful girls from the West Midlands. My business is called Niamhs Neverland, named after my eldest who is now four and my brand-new clothing range is called Straubreys after my youngest who is one!

I designed and made my first Nappy Wallet in September 2016, it was for me and I loved it. I’d just started my degree, with a six month old and had no intentions of making any more. Everything changed in October 2017, two years into my degree, we were expecting our second baby but it wasn’t meant to be. I found myself needing to fill a void, so I started sewing again. I set up an Etsy store and with a little help from FaceBook a couple of orders a week passed through.

Our nappy wallets proved popular, and the feedback was good! So I took a leap in November 2018 and did my first national exhibition in Birmingham. Honestly, I cried the moment the doors opened.. panicking I had made a big mistake, what was I thinking ?

I must not have had much confidence because we were a massive hit and sold over 200 products (that was a lot then!)

Fast forward two years; we have exhibited nationally four times, won the prestigious Made For Mums GOLD, featured in the iconic TATLER, rasied over £300 for Tommys through our very popular Pre Order Events, expanded our product range from a single nappy wallet to well over 20 types of product – including our brand new clothing line for 2020! – oh we’ve also had a baby and gained a First Class (hons) Degree.

It’s been a crazy couple of years.. all because I couldn’t find something I needed. Now we send over 200 orders a month full of items parents need to make life simpler and brighter!

I love designing fabrics, developing new products that help make a difference. Seeing customer photos and the happiness my products bring make all the stress and tiredness worth it! Running a business with a one year old is no easy task.. especially as we only moved out of working at home in June this year!

Sometimes its worth taking that leap in life, yes its scary and I literally hold my breath most days. Sometimes things work.. sometimes they don’t but I can never say I haven’t tried.

We hope you love our products – they are literally made with LOVE!

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