No more lost socks!

Having looked at Sockatoos website and seeing their Facebook I was excited to try them on my baby, Harry. I hoped they would be as good as they looked and reviews I had read.

The idea behind them is that the socks are actually attached to the trousers, therefore you can never lose a sock. These trousers are so much more than that!

There is so much choice, joggers and jeans and then the different colours. I got the grey and yellow joggers, I love the colour grey and the yellow just adds a splash of colour. The design is so nice and fashionable for all kids.

I was not disappointed- I loved them as soon as I opened them!

The material is so soft being 100% cotton, stretchy and like no other joggers I have come across- such good quality (and both my boys live in joggers or leggings), I couldn’t wait to get Harry in them.

The fit was perfect, I used the sizing guide on their website. I think they will last quite a while through growth spurts, especially with the adjustable waist and the socks being stretchy too, making them easy to put on.

Harry was comfortable, moving about as normal and even more so on my hard wood flooring and hard flooring out and about as they have the non slip grips on the bottom of the sock part. This is essential for new moving babies, I have seen the disappointed look on Harry’s face when he has tried to stand and then slip. These trousers ensure that doesn’t happen, giving him the confidence to try and explore more.

As you can see, Harry did try and take off the socks off and soon realised he couldn’t and gave up. No lost socks on that outing!

The trousers get even better as they are ethically made, go upto toddlers-age 4 size, some of the profits go to charity (Sockatoos are partners with WellChild) and they are designed by a mum who understands babies and toddlers first hand.

Another great point I have seen about these trousers is children with eczema will get on with them because

1. They are 100% cotton

2. The child can’t scratch their legs as there are no gaps between the socks and trousers.

Whilst wearing them I had compliments and questions about where I got the trousers from and what a great idea they are.

These trousers are another product I wish I had found with my first born.

I am going to buy another pair for Harry to wear so I have at least 2 for this size and then will definitely be buying more as he grows.

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