Opie Likes it and so do we

Hi, my name is Katie. I am mummy to Laurie (5) and Charlie (16 months).

When it comes to buying the boys clothes, I try to apply the same principles that I do for my own, quirky, hard wearing and ethical. This is often easier said than done!

I was lucky enough to be sent an outfit for Charlie by Opie Likes It, a VEGAN friendly clothing brand run by Leah, mummy to two year old Opie.

Leah started her business as a way of combing her love of painting with her desire to spend more time at with Opie. Each of the beautiful nature inspired prints on the Opie Likes It tops began as an original painting by Leah.

I chose a lobster design for Charlie’s top, which Leah then hand tie died trousers to match. As you can see from the pictures, he looks super cute!

As well as being lovely to look at, I’ve found the outfit is very hard wearing and has washed really well.

Although children Charlie’s age quickly outgrow their clothes, the ability to last is important to me as I think we should all focus on being able to reuse and pass on clothes, and I am confident that our Opie Likes It outfit will be worn and enjoyed by lots more children after Charlie has outgrown it.

Leah has a lovely range of outfits on her website and she is planning adding more designs in the near future.

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There is a great story about how ‘Opie Likes It’ got it’s name and I recommend going to see Leah at the Cotswold Baby Show to find the story out!