Pregnancy Moments

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I went for this maternity photo shoot because I was actually quite apprehensive about the idea of it, I have seen some photos over the years shared on social media where they might be quite ‘sexual’ or promiscuous and not in the look/style or feel that I would like so I didn’t even consider it when pregnant with my toddler.

-After looking at Katie’s website and photos on Facebook I saw that this wasn’t the style that she goes for and this made me a lot more relaxed about the idea and was actually excited about it. I had communications via email with Katie beforehand and she put me at ease with answering any questions and sent a reminder email in the week before, along with a few points of what underwear was best to wear and painted nail colour etc.

Katie is lovely and the minute I walked through her front door I was put at ease, we entered the room at her current home studio and I saw the normal photography lights, backdrops, props, aswell as some lovely dresses hanging up along with a fan that we used. Katie asked if I would like any refreshments and continually made sure I was ok throughout the session, we had great conversation flowing throughout too which really helped.

Katie wants to help people celebrate life and we had a mutual agreement that pregnancy can be hard work and not always an enjoyable time, but we should embrace it and celebrate the time we have with our bumps.

Once I was there and had a few photos taken, I was open and made it clear to Katie that I was happy to try all the styles and anything she would like to try out, I even had a naked silhouette photo done at the very end!

I had lots of photos taken in the different outfits that Katie provided, it was clear that if I was strongly against any of them then I could just say and Katie would have accepted my choice, this didn’t happen as I tried it all and was very happy with the outcome.

You will see from looking at her website that Katie offers different maternity sessions, varying prices so you have plenty to choose from, there is also an added bonus of using her recommended friend to come to the session beforehand and do your hair and make-up (at an additional cost) to help make the whole experience even more special.

I would definitely recommend a Maternity photoshoot with Moments by Katie Mitchell to anyone and Katie is great at her job with the people and the photographs.

Take a look at her website and social media: