Snow Mouse at the Egg Theatre

When I first heard of the Egg Theatre in Bath my initial thought was, ‘is there a building shaped like an Egg in the middle of Bath and I’ve never noticed it before??’. Luckily, I still have my wits about me, even after having 2 kids and there is in fact, no egg-shaped building in the centre of Bath!

The Egg Theatre is in fact, an extension of the Theatre Royal in Bath. It opened in 2005 and has since provided a unique venue for theatre productions aimed at families. As you walk in the entrance you’re greeted by a ball pit and lots of various bits and pieces to keep children entertained. It’s a lovely environment to start your experience. You can even have food and prosecco if you fancy it!

We were visiting the theatre to see Snow Mouse which is in the Romper Rooms on the 4th floor of the theatre. As you walk in the front door of the Romper rooms, you’re asked to take your shoes and jacket off. I must say, I really liked this part, it makes your experience more relaxed and comfortable. I take my shoes off in the theatre all the time so it’s nice to be told to do it ha ha. You leave your jacket and shoes in the first room and then as you enter in the main room, you’re greeted with big fluffy white pillows for sitting on and the stage is set up like a winter wonderland.

We took our seat on a cushion and the performance began.

Snow Mouse is a lovely story about a child who hurries to put their warm clothing on to go out and play in the snow. There’s lots of running and jumping and throwing the ‘snow’ around the stage. Then the child hears snoring and find a little mouse buried in the snow. The rest of the story is all about the two new friends playing in the snow together. The mouse is a beautiful puppet and both my kids were absolutely enchanted throughout the show. The show is accompanied by some beautiful music and if you ask my son, some hilarious sound effects! If you were there, my son was the one who did not stop laughing throughout the whole show!

The lady who performs in this production, Gabrielle Sheppard, is so full of energy she just kept the children captivated right from the minute the show started until the very last second!

I had both my children with me for this performance, Sebastian, who is 4 and a half and Matilda, who is 11 months. They both enjoyed it and I would recommend this production to anyone with small children. Don't just take it from me though, here's a video of Sebastian giving you a run down of the performance and his recomendation too :-).

If you get a chance go see this show, it’s lovely and suitable for children aged 6 months – 4 years. You’ll need to be quick though, many of the performances are already sold out and some have limited tickets.


From Thursday 02 January 2020 to Sunday 02 February 2020

9.30 am, 11.30 am and 1.30 pm daily excluding Mondays.


40 minutes.


Standard price - £8.50

Adult and baby 0-6months - £9.50

Under 16s – £8.50

All tickets include a 50p booking fee.

Snow Mouse Trailer