The Showstoppers Kids Show

The premise of this hour long show is that ‘the Showstoppers, take your kids ideas and transform them on the spot into an interactive musical adventure.’ Basically, from the minute you sit down to the minute you leave, every aspect of the story is made up by the children in the audience, from the title of the show, names of the characters and the story itself!

The thing that really drew me to this show was the fact that, every performance would be different! I actually considered seeing it a few times just to see how different each performance would be. If you've ever sat with your child while they make up a story or watched them during imaginative play then you have a good idea about what goes on during this show. I can imagine, during some performances, it's absolute carnage!

The Show Stoppers Cast at the start of the performance

Our show started with a naughty girl called Aurora who decided she was going to go up a mountain. She then decided she was going to dig up the mountain so she could keep it forever. Then she released an alligator from the top of the mountain, and it chased all the people down to the bottom.

The Alligator got a sore foot as it was running down and Aurora had to take it to the vets to get it seen to. Then the vet cut off the Alligators head to mend his sore foot (makes sense to me!). The man who was acting as the alligator pulled his thermal t-shirt over his head at this point and had to remain that way for the best part of 30 minutes! Talking to him afterwards he said he regretted it instantly, he was so hot!! As Aurora and the Alligator were best friends, the next suggestion to come from the audience was that the Alligator should have Aurora’s head since it had lost its own!

For the vet scenes, the actors asked for the children in the audience to join them on stage and then proceeded to “treat” a sleepy cat, a scared lion and a frozen bunny. They had all the kids from the audience acting out dance moves to make the animals feel better, all the kids loved it! Sebby was a little unsure of joining the crew at the front for this part but once his cousins headed down, he was away with the rest of them.

Once all the animals in the vets were treated, Santa arrived and gave the Alligator a box for Christmas, with a chorus of “what’s in the box???”. My mind instantly went to Brad Pitt in the film Seven, Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box, anyone? What was in the box…. The alligators head!! Sadly, not Gwyneth Paltrow this time! The alligator and Aurora promised to be good for ever and then they got married to each other and that was the end of the show.

Right at the very end of the show, the actors ask for a title and for our show the title was….*Drum roll please*….. The Alligator and his Bride!

Through out the show there was A LOT of improvised songs to fit the story, audience participation and it was so much fun!! At the end of the show, all the kids were invited back on to the stage to draw some pictures of their favourite parts.

I was so impressed by this show and how different it was to a lot of other things available to see at the fringe. The actors became everything from a mountain to a frozen bunny and Santa. The Showstoppers perform all over the country and links to their webpage and other details are below. If you get the chance – go see this show!

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