Top 10 Christmas gifts that grow with your family

Buying gifts for your young family is one of the most exciting things about Christmas.

If you feel you don't need any more 'things' we have another blog coming up with some inspiring ideas.

All toys listed are eco-friendly, gender neutral toys that will grow with your little ones and be enjoyed by all the family.

Here's our top 10 of the best Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers. Click on the photos to purchase (some are affiliate links)

1. ANA BANANA is a chewable fruit-shaped baby toy which stimulates baby’s senses and soothes teething gums while introducing them into a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

It's fun design and texture, will help your baby develop its sense of touch.

Did you know that Banana is rich in potassium, fructose and glucose? It is perfect to protect the heart of the whole family!

This natural teether will become your baby's best playmate from grasping to teething to imaginary play when they head into toddler and preschool years with play kitchens and shops.


Meet the Toniebox - the new audio system for children. Turn it on, pop on a Tonie (the little person on top) and simply let the audio adventure begin.

When you put a Tonie on for the first time, its story will download directly onto the Toniebox. But how does it all work? The Toniebox instantly recognises who's standing on top, and they have the magic key. The key unlocks the right audio files so the box can download them from the Toniecloud. The story will begin immediately. Once the LED turns solid green, the audio content has been completely downloaded, and you can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.

You also have room for 90 minutes of your own MP3's or audiobooks or even narrate your own stories! They come in different colour options to co-ordinate with your nursery/playroom.

It comes with a charging station to charge your Toniebox battery. It has an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Although it's not suitable for children under 36 months you could use this instead of a traditional cd/MP3 player ready for them to grow into and be independent at the recommended age of 36 months onwards. A real winner!

3. Rainbow sound blocks stimulate your child's matching and deductive skills.

Great for sorting and colour Identification Chunky blocks for Small hands to grasp.

Made from Eco-Friendly Wood Resources and uses Non-toxic Paints and Lacquers.

These six colourful wooden blocks with translucent sides will bring hours of fun that will grow into more games over times. Suitable for 24months plus.

4.Balancing Tree from Plan Toys

Great fun game to play and create alone or together.

Helps develop your little ones fine motor skills. The player that can stack and balance the tree and the bird without making it fall is the winner. The set consists of 11 pieces of the tree and 6 birds. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

5. Grimm's 6 Rainbow Wooden Balls

Colourful wooden balls, a perfect match for everything in the Grimm's rainbow range.

Great for rolling and using in numerous games.

They're super smooth and have been coated with a non-toxic, water-based colour stain which is child-friendly and ideal for showing off the natural beauty and grain of real wood.  

Each ball is 4.5cm across and they come in a handy egg box for storage and safe-keeping.

Grimm’s Toys are inspired by the Waldorf Steiner education movement which advocates learning through thoughtful, creative play at an unhurried pace.

6. Plan Toys Wagon

We've chosen the plan toys wagon rather than a traditional walker as it can grow with your child. Lot's of fun from bum shuffling, learning to walk to toddlers filling with your favourite toys and books. It's also handy storage that looks stylish in your lounge.

Plan toys are so well made, it has sturdy wheels with rubber grips The simple way the rope attaches through a hole at the front allows you to add more wagons or wheeled toys to make a train. Its a beautifully crafted wooden toy

7.Luggy by Olli & Ella

We just adore the luggy by Olli and Ella. As well as the small folk luggy you can get a big folk luggy (I would totally take this shopping!) AND the cutest littlest dolly luggy at 22cm!

A tiny wheeled basket for your toddler, perfect for storing and lugging their most prized possessions. The Luggy Basket will go with your child everywhere from the beach to the playground or for helping you with the weekly food shop!

8. Hoppa Doll

Hoppa make a collection of handmade stuffed dolls in natural materials. The dolls are suitable from birth so you can choose a friend for life for your little one.

We love Rosie pictured above. Rosie is an adorable Waldorf doll with dark skin and long brown hair and a huge smile.

She is made with organic cotton and stuffed with lambs wool, an eco product which will take on familiar scents from the child, parents and home. This unique scent will be a comfort to children and ease away their worries whenever they give him a cuddle.

Perfect to pop in your luggy (or get her own tiny luggy!) or pulling in the plan toy wagon, baby-wearing in a doll carrier, tucking up in a doll's cot, Rosie will soon become your little one's best friend. Her clothes can be taken off to help your little one explore how to dress and undress themselves.

She's even handwashable at cool temperatures.

9.Pickler Indoor Folding Climbing Frame

The most expensive toy recommendation that grows with your child from birth to 50kg.

It is SO much more than just a climbing frame.

It is perfect for your little ones to climb, but it is not limited to just climbing. It's a den, tunnel, seat, baby gym and much more.

Easily folded for storage, simply remove the knobs, fold and re-insert them. Locked closed means it can be stored anywhere, including our favourite, on hooks on the wall.

Designed to help your little ones learn to first stand, using the bottom rung as a support. Then as it is one of the widest it allows them to shuffle along, building confidence in movement. It continues to grow with your little ones as they then progress to climb, one rung at a time, until they reach the confidence to get to the top.

Made with the thickest rungs of any other climbing frame like it makes it super strong and easy on little one's feet.

With loads of accessories and complimentary products in the range the play is truly open ended.

It's handmade at home by a husband and wife team in rural Northern Ireland.

Tested to exceed all European and British standards, FSC engineered birch and engineered FSC redwood, Open 91cm x 77cm x 62cm high, Shipped fully assembled so it is ready to use out of the box.

10. Dr Ziggs Original Giant Bubbles

Made in the UK!

These award-winning bubbles are the original giant bubbles that people all over are raving about!

This Pocket Kit is designed to fit in any bag and go anywhere - Small and compact but packs a GIANT punch! It's so easy everyone can make giant bubbles. Toddlers to grandparents.

The 13 cm wooden wands have an easy grip handle, perfect for children and adults alike. The wand also comes with the rope already fitted so no assembly required! The bubble mix solution can be easily diluted in the bucket supplied, using sustainable, organic materials where possible.