Top Tips for Creative Kids' Interiors

Hi I’m Fi, mummy to a rather lively one year old pocket rocket (aka Rory), and I also run an Interior Styling business called The Cubby Hole.

When it comes to designing rooms for little ones, it often feels like there are SO many practicalities to consider.

One thing’s for sure, there’s a little ball-juggling involved, more than a little time to be committed to the task in hand, and that’s not to mention that it can get a little pricey if you're not sure where to look for the best buys.

Colour schemes can at times cause a state of flux; do you go for trendy monochrome or commit to that colour-crush tropical nursery you saw published in a top mag last month?

Art Direction, Bedroom Design & Styling for little Folks Furniture. Photo credit: Fran Eaton

Re-styling a child's room can be a fun experience, and, if they're old enough, consulting your little one along the way will help them feel involved in the process.

If you’re all colour lovers, now’s the time to embrace those bold hues, as I’m guessing you MAY not want a rainbow coloured dining room, complete with prancing unicorn (hey, no judgement here, just hazarding a guess!)

Styling & Art Direction for Little Folks Furniture. Photo credit: Fran Eaton

During my time as a stylist and set designer for a few well known retailers of children’s furniture, I’ve picked up a fair few hints and tips along the way when it comes to designing children’s rooms.

So, here are my Top 5 kids’ room styling tips:

1. Keep it simple. Easy to say, right? Use a tight colour palette (ideally a maximum of three colours), and ensure that any prints are broken up with areas of solid colour to create a cohesive look.

2. Grey makes a fabulous blank canvas. Whether you decide to continue with grey-scale or add pops of colour, it's gender neutral, trend-led and (most importantly of all), you're less likely to see mini finger print trails!

3. Stickers are your new best friend. With so many on the market now, from personalised princesses through to amazing animals, frankly, we're spoilt for choice. Plus, they're the perfect solution for changing minds. (Just make sure that you check out how re-peelable they are before Little Freddie gets there first!)

Stickers & decor Styling for Aspace. Photo credit: Nicola Bushnell

Bedroom Design, Styling & Art Direction for Aspace. Photo credit: Nicola Bushnell

4. Storage is King. In any child's room, decent storage is an absolute must-have. Versatile options that can hold fabric totes are perfect as they're so easy to update once the car phase has moved on to dinosaurs. Modular storage gives you the ability to add more at a later stage ready for the hundreds of tiny weeny bits and bobs that kids like to accumulate!