Uh Oh Milo!

This is the first book in the series Uh Oh Milo! written by Kate Wogan and illustrated by Helen Faulkner. These books follow the adventures of Milo, his little sister Mary and their magical Granny as they tackle the cheeky mischief makers and restore politeness to the children.

This book is all about the Impolite Imps getting into the house from next door by hiding in Granny’s handbag. As they escape from the handbag and more imps appear, the children become rude and disruptive: Granny then waves her wand and spreads magical manners to all the imps and children before sending the imps on their way, leaving the children with manners.

It’s a lovely colourful book which my son enjoyed reading and he did laugh at the burping and mention of bottoms! The font is large enough for young children to read themselves but I think either the font used or the colour of the font in the book makes it a little hard for them, as my son struggled with words he’s usually really good at when he read the story with me.

The aim of these books is to support you in teaching your children good manners. There are currently 3 books in the series, The Impolite Imps, The Beastly Bogels and The Gobbling Goblins. Only the Impolite Imps is available to buy now, but the other two are coming soon!

The author of this book, Kate Wogan, is a mother of two who found that making up stories for her children was a good way to teach them manners whilst entertaining them. These stories are inspired by fairy tales and folklore while still being relevant subjects for all pre-school parents.

We really enjoyed reading this book and we’re looking forward to when the other two books in the series are available! There is a section on the website where you can download your favourite character and colour it in. We haven’t coloured any in yet, but I think that is the plan for a rainy half term!


These books are priced at £6.99 each.

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