Up, up and away...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

When I had my daughter, I had great fun with her outfits. My favourite colour is pink, so there was a lot of that and I discovered a passion for tutus so there were quite a few of those too. Don’t get me wrong, she also rocked a lot of what I like to call ‘pretty, Tomboy chic’ outfits, with some fab dungarees and little skater jeans. The clothes she likes these days still encompass a similar range of styles and she chooses her clothes based on what she wants to do that day (i.e. jeans for the park and a tutu at all other times).

When I found out I was expecting a boy the second time, I knew he was going to wear a lot of pink but I also realised that I was going to have to work harder to find the same level of excitement for his outfits. I immediately set about searching for interesting, quirky clothing to suit a little boy and one of the best sources I found to make this happen was the work at home parent. Over the last few years, Instagram and Facebook have enabled parents who have a particular skill, to market their products and services to their millions of users, at a relatively low cost.

Danielle Hewett-Warne is a seamstress from Cheltenham who set up her business ‘Danielle’s Custom Creations’ (soon to be rebranded as Pop Clothing) after her first child was born. Initially she was taught to sew by her Nan, so that she could make clothing for her son. But once her friends and family saw what she could do, she was inundated with requests to dress their children too!

I first came across Danielle on Facebook a few years ago, then saw her trousers ‘in real life’ last year at a local baby yoga class (yes, they’re as seen on Baby Bumpkin – eek!) and was so pleased to be asked to test them out for the Baby and Toddler Show blog.

Ace was sent a pair of Danielle’s most versatile and long lasting bottoms, her brilliant ‘Grow with Me’ trousers. They come in endless fabric combinations, a range of sizes and her maxaloon size (as pictured) can be worn by babies from around 6 months old, right up until they are around 3 years old by following the different folding instructions (which come with your trousers). For context, Ace has just turned 2 and there is still loads of room left in these.

The ‘Blue Planes’ design could not have been more perfect for Ace and although the colour is lighter than we would normally go for, the chocolate ice cream and mud which Ace subjected them to on their first wear, has gone without a trace! I just rubbed on some laundry soap and washed at 30 with the rest of the day’s load.

The waistband is wide and comfortable for both crawling and walking babies and crucially, stays in place as they run, climb and roll around the place. The fabric is soft and stretchy so the wearers legs aren’t restricted as they play and they don’t get uncomfortable when someone picks them up or carries them. These trousers are super for any babywearers out there as the legs can be unfolded when you put baby/toddler in the sling so they wont ride up. If your little one wears cloth nappies, the trousers can also be made with an added bum circle for that little bit of extra room.

The trousers are really high quality, with flawless seams and all fabrics are pre-washed to minimise the chance of colour running or shrinkage. If you’re local to Cheltenham, you can even arrange to pick your order up from The Hive Parenting Hub at Sports Direct to save on postage. You see, Danielle has really thought of everything!

If you want to browse fabrics or place an order, head to Danielle’s website. There’s a fab Instagram page too (run by one of Danielle’s Brand Reps) and don’t forget to join her Facebook group for fabric combination ideas, a heads up on new styles and fabrics and lots of lovely customer photos.