Who Wants A Treat?


Eating out is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to stay in the comfort of your own home.

At home, it doesn’t matter if your children want to get up and explore and they’re unlikely to break the crockery when it accidentally meets with the floor.

At home, if they want to sing the chorus of ‘Let it Go’ on a loop, you don’t feel bad for the couple trying to enjoy their first date.

At home, you feel, well… at home!

When were asked to try The Rasoi takeaway service on behalf of The Cotswold Baby and Toddler Show, it was new ground for us. Whenever we order takeaway, it’s for my husband and myself and it arrives once the children are in bed, but what we needed to know was, is The Rasoi takeaway service family friendly? So experiencing it with the kids was a must!

Noting that they opened at 5:30pm, we went online and browsed the menu ahead of time so we could be first on the phone come opening time! Ever the teacher, I’d spoken to Honey about where the food we would be eating originated and we found India on a range of maps and talked about some of the different places mentioned on The Rasoi website.

We got through straight away and ordering was simple. It was really handy to have my order read back to me slowly and clearly so I could make sure I hadn’t missed anything off the list. I was assured that our food would be freshly prepared and arrive with us within the hour.

While we waited, we set the table together and gave Ace a little snack as he had been protesting about having to wait for his dinner (they usually eat at around 5pm). Sure enough, a mere 50 minutes after ordering, our piping hot, delicious smelling food arrived. The delivery driver was honestly one of the most well presented people who has ever graced our doorstep and he was so lovely, especially as he interacted with our two hungry, excited children! I hadn’t asked for a drink with our order, but the eagle eyed Rasoi team noticed this and sent one along anyway!

Now for the moment of truth, the food. We are not big spice fans here so we kept it mild but found that there was so much more to choose from than just a chicken korma! For starters, we shared poppadums (with dips), onion bhajees and mini honey lamb chops (in the interest of full disclosure, the chops were the only part of the meal that didn’t really impress us). For our main course, I ordered Bengal makkani chicken, my husband chose the keema motor paneer and the children had a chicken kurma (the portion was more than enough for them to share). Alongside these delicious dishes, we tried a range of naan breads and some honey and coconut rice. Everyone tried a bit of everything and we all enjoyed the sharing nature of the meal, as a change from just eating what’s on the plate in front of us!

Ace’s favourite… Popadums, popadums and more popadums! Dipped in mango chutney, minted yoghurt and chicken korma, he couldn’t get enough of them!

Honey’s favourite… Popadums and plain naan dipped in lashings of mango chutney, honey and coconut rice (of course) and a new found love for onion bhajees!

Mummy’s favourite: Daddy’s choice of keema motor panir and the Rasoi’s special bhajees, which were added as a customer surprise! We couldn’t finish them, so I had them cold the next day as a snack (they were still delicious)!

Daddy’s favourite (and I quote): The addition of cheese to the dishes was a revelation!

A quick note about packaging! At first glance, there was a lot of plastic, but on closer inspection, almost everything was reusable. The mains were packaged in lidded containers, perfect to use as sandwich boxes or for freezing leftovers. The sides were in smaller but still very sturdy pots, which will easily double up as snack pots leftover pots or even for storing craft supplies. The carrier bags were sturdy and have been saved to carry shopping in. Everything else went in the recycling box.

So to summarise, ordering is really easy, the customer service is fantastic, the food is divine and there is definitely something rather special about The Rasoi. The meal was such a lovely treat and we will definitely be collecting more stamps on our new loyalty card in future!

You can also order from The Rasoi online via Just Eat and Deliveroo and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Zaphira here, organiser of the Cotswold Baby & Toddler Show. I don't normally review but after a few mishaps and lots of our lovely family bloggers off on their holibobs and time flying by I stepped into the breach (poor me).

I LOVE Indian food. I could live on curry and salad. I have very high standards with many friends from different parts of Indian having cooked for me and taught me how to cook some of the most delicious dishes.

I also rarely get takeout food, I don't know about you but it makes me feel incredibly guilty. I can cook, so I feel lazy! ( is it just me?)

I moved house yesterday so the timing was perfect. After the last load was in the house I rang up (the chap said RASOI so fast on the phone I didn't catch what he said!) and gave my order whilst looking at the online menu.

It was super easy to order, very friendly and helpful to have my order read back.

Like Steph, I was told it would be within the hour. I must admit to not watching the clock but it can't have been more than half an hour. I phoned at 8pm, I'm sure it's all in full swing at that time.

The delivery driver had a branded Rasoi t-shirt. He looked very smart, this is not something I have seen before. He was very friendly and like Steph I hadn't ordered a drink, Rasoi sent a complimentary bottle!

The food was well packaged. I am trying very hard to remove single use plastic, so like Steph I will reuse all the plastic pots. They are nice and sturdy rather than the single use type.

The smell was incredible and after moving boxes all day I was ravenous.

I enjoyed popadoms that came with all the dips and onion salad. Bhuna chop (delicious!) tikka masala, the perfect balance of mild spice and coconut. Not to rich as I think that spoils it. I had asked for pilau rice but they don't make it. I was recommended saffron rice. I'd not had this before. Totally delicious and much nicer than pilau rice.

I was also sent a gorgeous box of yummy spicy vegetables. It had a sticker with 'complementary' written on it. I have no idea what it was called, I am determined to find out and order it next time.

My "new house new me" resolution is to not be so hard on myself and order takeout once a month. I work so hard that I can see the benefit in takeout so you have more time for family. That's what's important after all.

If you'd like to order call 01242 222 044

Check out the website here www.the-rasoi..com

Pop over to our FB page to win a £50 gift voucher from RASOI whoop!!!!!